Evaluating E-learning

Evaluating E-learningBy William Horton

2001, 130 pages
Published by ASTD


Does your e-learning work? How much does your e-learning project benefit your organization and your learners? Is e-learning a wise investment or a waste of corporate resources? How can you evaluate your e-learning at all different levels? And, how can you improve your e-learning evaluation efforts? Evaluating E-Learning can answer these questions.

To help you decide if this is the book for you, here are some samples for you to read:

Here is a sample chapter in PDF format. It is Chapter 7: CALCULATING RETURN ON INVESTMENT.

Already own the book? Then here are some resources you will find useful:

  • Your Turn workbook—This workbook is available in two versions, Adobe Acrobat PDF and Microsoft Word. Print the PDF version and complete the worksheets from the comfort of your reading chair. Download and complete the Word version using your computer and cut-and-paste segments into your own e-learning plan.
  • Evaluating E-Learning spreadsheet (Excel 90K)
  • Live examples
  • Evaluation checklists(Excel worksheets)
    • Courseware Comparison This worksheet (274K) lets you compare up to 10 e-learning courses. We use this spreadsheet at William Horton Consulting to quickly and systematically compare online courses. You can use it to help you decide among several candidate courses. It works best when the candidate courses meet your minimal criteria and you are trying to refine your choice.
    • Evaluation Checklist Use this worksheet (425K) for a more sophisticated comparison of courses and other e-learning products. This worksheet lets you specify must-have criteria. Candidates lacking these required criteria receive an overall score of zero.
  • Project plan—Use this Microsoft Project file (156K) for planning the project of evaluating e-learning project. You will need Microsoft Project in order to open and use it.
  • Evaluation planning form—The Evaluation Planning form lets you plan all aspects of a multi-level evaluation. The Improvement plan form is used to record and analyze the results obtained from observing test subjects try to do a piece of work or by evaluating a knowledge product.
  • Webinar handouts

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