Mobile examples

Mobile learning frees people to learn at the place and time they choose and to learn from a world of teachers. This learning may be part of a non-mobile form of learning, such as a field-trip during a classroom course. Or the course of learning may be entirely mobile.

Here are a few activities we featured in E-learning by Design. These examples were designed for iPhones. However, they can be viewed on a PC or Mac using the Safari browser.

Mobile calculator

On-screen calculators reduce the reliance on pencil and paper for common calculations. They also eliminate the need to memorize complex formulas. About this example Here is a mobile version of the Photographer’s calculator. It is designed to display on an iPhone. You can open it using Safari on the PC or Mac (just be sure to make … Continue reading Mobile calculator

Architectural tour

In this mobile self-guided architectural tour, the learner is guided to discover examples of common styles of domestic 19th Century architecture. The lesson begins with a simple introduction to the objective. The learner is told where to go to begin the tour. Both street and GPS coordinates are given. The lesson reminds the learner to use … Continue reading Architectural tour

Guided tours

The guided tour orients the learner in a virtual or real environment. It can be used to lead learners through an online representation of a real environment, such as teaching the layout of equipment in the bay of an ambulance, the twists and turns of a river channel, or the sequence of rock strata in a … Continue reading Guided tours

Mobile quiz-show activity

To make tests less intimidating and more engaging, restyle them as game shows. In this example, designed for a mobile device, we turned a fill-in-the-blanks test into a game loosely based on the TV game show Jeopardy©. Here’s how it works: Learners are given a certain amount of time to reach a specific total score … Continue reading Mobile quiz-show activity

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