Recorded Presentations

Learn how to design e-learning projects efficiently and effectively using these recorded online presentations. Use them as an accompaniment to E-learning by Design.

Quick Instructional Design

Quick instructional design is a minimalist, waste-no-time, take no-prisoners approach to specifying e-learning that actually works. It omits unnecessary steps and focuses on the design tasks that really matter. View this presentation to learn how you can streamline your e-learning design process. This presentation was built in PowerPoint and converted to HTML5 using iSpring Suite. It can … Continue reading Quick Instructional Design


In e-learning, tests assess learning and provide valuable feedback to learners. They can be the best or the worst part of learning. They can be as engaging as a videogame or as painful as a root-canal. Good tests can measure, they can motivate, and they can consolidate learning. View this HTML5 presentation to learn how to design effective … Continue reading Tests


In e-learning, topics are a singularly important unit of learning. Topics are sometimes equated with learning objects, but that association is not exactly right and fails to acknowledge the critical role that topics play or the importance of designing them with care. The important aspect of topics is that they each accomplish a single learning … Continue reading Topics


Simple learning objectives can be accomplished in a single learning activity or a simple sequence of learning activities. More complex and difficult objectives may require a coordinated set of learning activities, that is, a lesson. Such lessons may involve a variety of learning experiences among which the learner can navigate. In this presentation, you will … Continue reading Lessons

Types of E-learning

There are probably as many types of e-learning as there are types of classroom learning. E-learning can be instructor led, facilitated, or learner led. It can be synchronous or asynchronous. Class size can range from a single learner to thousands. E-learning can be pure or blended. The blend can mix classroom learning, books, online documents, … Continue reading Types of E-learning

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