Guided tours

Mobile guided tourThe guided tour orients the learner in a virtual or real environment. It can be used to lead learners through an online representation of a real environment, such as teaching the layout of equipment in the bay of an ambulance, the twists and turns of a river channel, or the sequence of rock strata in a mountain range.

About the examples

This example, Geology along the Peak-to-Peak highway, resembles a personal travel diary illustrated with snapshots. It is a simple form of guided tour that can be displayed in a Web page or played on a mobile device.

This tour introduces learners to the geology of the Rocky Mountain region. It recounts an automobile trip northward along the Peak-to-Peak highway in Colorado. Each stop consists of an annotated photograph of a vista or road cut. Note: Open this link using Safari on a PC or an iPhone.

Here is a non-mobile example of the Peak-to-peak field trip that can be opened using any browser.

Both versions were built using¬†HTML. The voice narration in the mobile version was recorded using NextUp Software’s TextAloud.

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