Word puzzle

Word puzzles are a fun way to learn vocabulary and technical terms. You can use them instead of fill-in-the-blanks and similar tests.

Crossword puzzles

Crossword puzzle activityThis example helps new Visual Basic programmers learn various methods and properties.

This example of a crossword puzzle allows learners to practice using calming words to keep a disagreement from becoming confrontational.

This example of a crossword puzzle tests learners knowledge of some historical trivia.

hangmanHangman-type puzzle

 Here is an example of a hangman-type game. You are given a category and must guess the answer by clicking on the letters of the alphabet. You have ten tries. For each wrong guess, a piece of a gallows appears in the box. If you fail to guess the answer before the gallows is built, you lose. The good news is you can click for a hint.

About the examples

The crossword puzzles were created using Adobe Dreamweaver and JavaScript.

The modified Word Quiz was originally built by Kathy Dutton in HTML5. Learn more at http://codepen.io/cathydutton/pen/ldazc.

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