Drill and practice

Drill and practice activityDrill-and-practice activities build on a simple testing cycle. The system presents a problem, which the learner tries to solve. The system provides feedback on the learner’s solution before posing another problem. Then the cycle repeats.

About the examples

The Practice recognizing nautical flags activity teaches learners to recognize nautical flags. This part of the exercise teaches the learner to recognize individual flag patterns and associate them with letters of the alphabet. The learner views a grouping of flags and then types in the equivalent letters.

After entering the answer, the learner clicks Check to see if the answer was correct. Then, the learner can click Next to see another problem.

This example has another feature. Learners can enter a word, then click Translate to see what flag configurations spell that word.

semaphoredrillandpracticeHere is another example of a drill-and-practice activity. This one teaches learners to understand the semaphore flag system. It is built using the same template as the nautical flag example.

These example were built with Adobe Dreamweaver using JavaScript.

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