In this section, you will find all types of free resources, from policy examples to spreadsheets and other tools. Plus, some items that don’t quite fit anywhere else.

E-learning examples

We have posted many examples of work we have done in the e-learning, documentation, and knowledge management arenas. Some are the actual client project. Others are sanitized versions. We have categorized them into some broad grouping. Choose a category to see a list of specific examples. Try them out. Let us know what you think about … Continue reading E-learning examples

Collaboration policy

Electronic collaboration is a new world sparkling with potential for effective learning experiences, but harboring a few social and legal pitfalls. To realize the potential while protecting learners and your organization, you need effective policies spelling out what is and is not appropriate behavior. You may choose to include these policies as part of the … Continue reading Collaboration policy

Live events guide

The etiquette for online meetings is far from established or widely known. To help learners know how to behave, publish a guide to participating in live events, something like this: Guide to live learning events Your class includes several live collaborative events. This guide will help you get the most out of them Please review … Continue reading Live events guide

Messaging guide

Most effective collaboration systems center on the exchange of simple text messages through e-mail or discussion groups. Even when audioconferencing and videoconferencing are available, many learners still prefer the simplicity, convenience, and record keeping of text messages. This example is a guide to messaging. It is written to learners but applies to instructors as well. … Continue reading Messaging guide

Buzzword generator

Here is Gerry Cohen, arch-enemy of gobbledygook and crusader for clear writing. Back in the 70s he developed his Dial-A-Buzzword to highlight the inappropriate use of buzzwords in everyday speech. We have taken Gerry’s idea and built a Web-based version. Have fun creating your own gobbledygook and nonsense. Here is a picture Gerry’s original cellulose-based … Continue reading Buzzword generator

Cohen Style Checker

Here is Gerry Cohen, arch-enemy of gobbledygook and crusader for clear writing. Here is a paper Gerry has written about the need for a Writing Style Checker and how one might work. We have taken Gerry’s ideas and have built a Web-based writing-style checker. We found it a humbling experience when we used it to … Continue reading Cohen Style Checker

Recorded Presentations

Learn how to design e-learning projects efficiently and effectively using these recorded online presentations. Use them as an accompaniment to E-learning by Design.

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