Fill-in-the-blanks questions

Cloze select question

Fill-in-the-blanks questions require learners to supply missing words in a paragraph of text or missing items in a table.

Fill-in-the-blanks questions are also called cloze questions. Such questions have been used for hundreds of years and are a staple of education.

About the examples

What’s the gender, abovetests knowledge of French articles.

fill-in-blankHere is another fill-in-the blank test from the Autumn Leaves presentation. To see this example, advance through the presentation until you come to the quiz. As in the first  example, there is only one correct spelling.

clozeVBGet page coordinates uses selection lists from which learners pick words in a programming language to complete a function.

The first and last examples were built using Adobe Dreamweaver and JavaScript. The second example was built using iApring QuizMaker.

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