E-learning courses and sample lessons

We have designed and built courses for a number of clients. They cover a variety of topics from how to use a software product to developing spiritual values.

Here is a list of examples from projects we have designed and produced. Some of these courses are publicly available and you can view them live. Others are behind firewalls, so pictures will have to do. Still others are sanitized proofs-of-concepts. Click one of the entries to see more.

We bring a special combination of talents to our clients—seldom available from other designer/builders. We bring extensive instructional design expertise. To that, we add in-house capabilities to design and build the project, from programming through media development. To top it off, we take the time to learn the subject matter so that we can better translate materials provided by the client and translate it into effective e-learning.

We hope you will like what you see and let us work with your team to design and produce e-learning for you. Learn more about our services.

E-learning design specialists