Architectural tour

Mobile Scavenger HuntIn this mobile self-guided architectural tour, the learner is guided to discover examples of common styles of domestic 19th Century architecture.

The lesson begins with a simple introduction to the objective. The learner is told where to go to begin the tour. Both street and GPS coordinates are given. The lesson reminds the learner to use capabilities of the mobile device.

The learner uses onboard maps and GPS navigation to find the starting point. The lesson directs the learner to a specific location on the tour. The learner is required to analyze the construction details of a house and decide its predominant architectural style.

The learner receives feedback, and then receives instructions to a new location. The learner can use the device’s maps, GPS, and compass to find the location. The learner is instructed to verify that the correct house has been found by taking a photo of it—including the learner in the picture.

The learner takes the requested photo, and then uses the built-in e-mail feature of the device’s camera to submit the picture.

Note: For best results viewing this example, open on your iPhone and add to your Home Screen. Then you will be able to view the example full-screen.

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