Module 6

Recognizing 19th Century housing styles

Mapleton Hill Neighborhood in Boulder, Colorado

Use this module to learn to recognize the most common forms of 19th Century domestic architectural styles.

Tap Continue to begin.

Start tour


Start the tour at the corner of 9th and Pine.

The coordinates are 40.019283, -105.28447.

Hint: Use the Maps App. to navigate.

When you arrive at the start, tap Continue.

NW corner of Pine


Proceed due east along Pine to the northwest corner of 8th and Pine.

When you get there, stop and tap Continue.

Question 1


Observe the large house with wide lawns on two sides. What style is it? (Tap an answer):

Hint: If in doubt, use the Web to review styles. This is not a test.

700 block Pine


Cross 8th Street and continue West along Pine. Keep an eye out for a Denver Foursquare-style house in the middle of the 700 block on the north side.

Stop in front of the house and tap Continue

Question 2


Using your mobile phone, e-mail a photo of yourself in front of the house

Make the subject of the e-mail "Arch202: Denver Foursquare."

Send the photo to



Correct. The house is a mixture of styles, but the predominant style is Gothic Revival.

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Incorrect. Notice the tower on the front. This is the clue to it's style, which is Gothic Revial.

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