Guided research

In our complex world, research is a basic skill. Rote memorization of facts will not do in most fields. There is too much to learn and what is true today may not be true tomorrow.

Guided research activityGuided research teaches learners to conduct research— to gather, analyze, and report on information. In a guided-research activity, learners consult various sources of information on a topic and then assemble a report, jump page, or multimedia scrapbook summarizing the topic.

About the examples

In The Yellowstone fire 15 years later, learners are asked to critically examine the conclusions that were drawn about the 1988 fires that swept through Yellowstone National Park.

Here is another guided research activity. It starts with the decision that needs to be made. If learners understand the implications, they can make the decision right away. If the decision is the correct one, learners may move to the next micro-scenario and face a new problem that is more complex or explores another aspect of the subject-matter.

If learners make the wrong decision or if they are not sure they understand the implications, learners can choose to review and explore supporting materials to help them make their decision.

Both examples were built in PowerPoint and converted to HTML5 using iSpring Suite.

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