Table of contents

Chapter 1. Welcome to the E-Learning Age

What Is E-Learning?
How Has the Electronic Age Changed the Way People View Learning?
How Is E-Learning Different From Traditional Training?
A Short History of E-Learning
What Is NOT E-Learning?
What Is the Role of Teachers in E-Learning?
Your Turn

Chapter 2. Is the Time Right for E-Learning?

Is the Web Ready?
Are Learners’ Computers Ready?
Are Organizations Deploying E-Learning?
Is Anybody Taking E-Learning?
Your Turn

Chapter 3. Why Consider E-Learning?

Can E-Learning Teach as Effectively as Classroom Training Does?
Does E-Learning Save Money?
Can You Make Money With E-Learning?
Your Turn

4. Where Should I Target E-Learning?

Why Not Just Replace Classroom Training?
What Are the Easy Targets?
Pick Your Goals
What Should You Consider When Deciding?
Your Turn

5. How Can You Sell E-Learning?

To Whom Must You Sell E-Learning?
How Can You Convince Them?
Speak the Language of Business
Sell Reality to Replace Hype
Our Turn: Selling Results, Not Illusions
Your Turn

6. What Kinds of E-Learning Can You Create?

Self-Directed Web-Based Training
Facilitated Web-Based Training
Web-Conducted Classroom Course
Email Correspondence Course
Discussion Group Seminars
Guided Tours and On-Screen Workbooks
Learning Games
Telementoring and E-Coaches
Job Aids
Your Turn

7. Can You Blend E-Learning With Conventional Learning?

Offer Proven Classroom Materials
Serve Sandwiches
Use Web Content in Classroom Training
Our Turn: A Case Study of Blended E-Learning
Your Turn

8. How Can You Develop E-Learning?

How Can You Start Off the Right Way?
How Is Developing E-Learning Different?
Your Turn

9. What Tools and Technology Will You Need?

Computer Hardware for E-Learning
Network Connections for E-Learning
Software for E-Learning
How Do You Pick the Tools?
Your Turn

10. Whom Should You Have on Your E-Learning Team?

Assemble A Multitalented Team
Example of an E-Learning Team
Your Turn

11. Where Can You Find Help?

How Much Do You Want to Do Yourself?
Who Can Help?
How Do You Screen Suppliers?
Your Turn

12. How Do You Launch Your Effort?

Overview of a Plan
Your Turn

13. How Do You Deploy E-Learning Strategically?

How Does E-Learning Promote a New Model for Training?
How Does E-Learning Support Knowledge Management?
How Does E-Learning Contribute to the Knowledge Economy?
What Is the Future of E-Learning?
Your Turn

14. Where Can You Learn More?

What Organizations Should You Join?
What Books Should You Read?
Periodicals, Paper and Online
Where Can You Ask Questions?
What Conferences Should You Attend?
Your Turn

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