Dealing with angry customers

Instructor: Elicia de Jong


About the course

  1. Why customers get angry
  2. How to calm angry customers
  3. Understanding customers' problems
  4. Resolving problems
  5. When you cannot resolve a problem

Weekly events


This course will help customer support representatives, sales representatives, and claims adjusters resolve conflicts with angry customers efficiently and without undue stress.

About the course

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Grading criteria


Week 1: Why customers get angry (20 Mar 2000)
Events Readings Activities

(20 March 2000 at 20:00 GMT)

Post-lecture chat

Why customers get angry

I'm mad and you're to blame!

Decline in customer satisfaction in Europe, Asia, and America

Why do customers get angry?
Due: 25 March 2000

 Discuss why customers get angry.
Due: Anytime

Week 2: How to calm angry customers (27 Mar 2000)
Events Readings Activities

(27 March 2000 at 20:00 GMT)

Post-lecture chat

Role play calming an angry customer

Calming angry customers

Getting beyond anger

Share a customer complaint you have received
Due: 30 March 2000

Brainstorm how to calm angry customers
Due: Anytime

[There is a break between Weeks 2 and 5. This is just an example syllabus.]

Week 5: When you cannot resolve a problem (17 Apr 2000)
Events Readings Activities

(17 April 2000 at 20:00 GMT)

Brainstorm dealing with unreasonable customers

When you cannot resolve the problem

Dealing with unreasonable expectations

Simulate dealing with difficult customers
Due: 21 April 2000

Final exam
Due: Take between 19 and 22 April 2000

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