E-learning products

Throughout the years, we have developed products to make our job easier. Now we offer these products to you. Choose a product from the list below or from the Table of Contents to the left to learn more about it.

Our products include:

E-learning design forms in MS Word

At William Horton Consulting, we have created a suite of design forms to guide the e-learning development process and record and share design decisions. We have packaged these forms into an easy-to-use Microsoft® Office Word template file containing our most popular e-learning design forms. Included are forms for specifying: Projects Learners Learning Objectives Organization Learning … Continue reading E-learning design forms in MS Word

Presensational PowerPoint template slides

New for PowerPoint 2010 and later! You don’t need an expensive multimedia authoring tool to create training and presentations that move, sing, and involve the audience. All you need is PowerPoint® and the Presensational Template Slide Packs. These newly redesigned and animated template slides will help you structure your presentation, visually communicate complex information, and … Continue reading Presensational PowerPoint template slides

Countdown timer for the classroom

The Horton Timer-Picker is a countdown timer for the classroom. The Timer-Picker is a Windows application that combines a countdown clock and a picking mechanism, which can randomly select from a list of people or teams. You can use it to: Display remaining time for meeting and classroom activities. Allocate time for discussion and other activities. Time … Continue reading Countdown timer for the classroom

Customer service

Our e-commerce partner is MyCommerce, a subsidiary of DigitalRiver. All transactions are conducted through their secure ordering and download facility. Please note that your credit card receipt will show “MyCommerce” as the vendor, not William Horton Consulting. For problems placing your order If you have difficulties placing your order, please view MyCommerce’s Support page. Until … Continue reading Customer service

Product catalog

Here is a listing of the products we currently have available for sale through our e-commerce partner, MyCommerce (division of Digital River). To learn more about any of these products, click the product name. Product             name Description File format            and size Price Horton Timer-Picker The Timer-Picker combines a countdown clock and a picking mechanism that can randomly select … Continue reading Product catalog

If you are ready to order right now, our product catalog conveniently lists everything in one place—with Buy buttons, of course.

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