Katherine Horton

Katherine HortonKatherine Horton (Kit for short) is the other half of William Horton Consulting. She runs the day-to-day business while ensuring William Horton Consulting remains current with the latest electronic communications technologies.

Her other specialties include:

  • Visual design. Kit designs icons, screen layouts, publication designs, business illustrations, and technical graphics. She illustrated and did the visual design for William Horton’s last five books, two of which won international level awards.
  • Website design. In addition to being the Webmaster for our company’s multiple sites, Kit has designed Websites for several design-conscious architectural and construction firms.
  • Speaking and teaching. Kit is a frequent speaker at international training and e-learning conferences, as well as conducting workshops worldwide.

Artist. In a former life, Katherine was an award-winning jeweler, working in gold, niobium, tantalum, and gemstones. With William, she has designed furniture and cabinetry, which was featured in the April 1999 and September 2000 issues of Better Homes and Gardens.

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