E-learning reviews and critiques

We offer reviews and critiquesSometimes you feel like you work in a vacuum. How good is what I do? How can I make it better, more economical, or more effective? One way to get perspective and sound advice is to ask an expert. We offer reviews and critiques of:

  • E-learning courses and modules
  • E-learning planning and design documents
  • Business plans
  • Guidelines, standards, and style guides
  • Web sites

How do reviews and critiques work?

We can offer timely and incisive advice for your existing designs, systems, and procedures. Here are some of the kinds of questions reviews can answer:

  • How can I overcome specific problems?
  • How can I adopt new technology and
  • How does my work compare with that of others in my industry?
  • How can I save money and time?

The first step is to give us a call and tell us about your project and some questions you would like us to answer. Then, you send us the material to review (or just give us a URL to access it). We (Bill and Kit) will review the material and prepare a written report that addresses your questions and concerns.

Note: If the material is proprietary, we are pleased to sign a nondisclosure agreement prior to receiving the review material.

How much do reviews and critiques cost?

Since the work is done in our office, our standard in-office consulting rates apply. Most reviews require a day or two of work on our part. For example, a typical review costs $2,400.00.

Contact us, using the form to the right, to set up a session.

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