Problem Bashing®

Your big, complex project is not going too well—and everybody has an opinion on how to fix it. Or you must make a critical design decision and no one alternative seems better than the others. This is where our trademarked Problem Bashing® technique can help. This technique is a tightly focused approach to help you break through roadblocks and make critical design decisions.

How does Problem Bashing® work?

It is is a process where your team identifies problems, brainstorms possible solutions, then finally plots a course of action.

We start by reviewing your project and 5 or 6 roadblocks that you, your boss, your customers, and your team have identified as critical. The Principle Problem Basher, William Horton, then comes to your site and works directly with your team until you find creative ways to work through the roadblocks you have outlined.

How much does Problem Bashing® cost?

In general, a Problem Bashing® session will take place at your site and usually last two days. Our standard on-site consulting rates apply. Prior to the on-site session, we will spend one to two days reviewing your materials and planning the on-site session. We bill this time at our in-office rate. A typical Problem Bashing® session would cost approximately $9400.00 plus travel expenses.

How do we get started?

Contact us and tell us about your special problems and needs and we will get back with you concerning available and any additional costs.

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