We specialize in e-learning consulting. We work directly with clients to develop new ideas, critique existing systems, overcome obstacles, and develop innovative designs and prototypes. We can: Design something for you; teach you to design better; advise you on design; or critique your designs.

Our e-learning consulting services

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Problem Bashing®

Your big, complex project is not going too well—and everybody has an opinion on how to fix it. Or you must make a critical design decision and no one alternative seems better than the others. This is where our trademarked Problem Bashing® technique can help. This technique is a tightly focused approach to help you … Continue reading Problem Bashing®

E-learning reviews and critiques

Sometimes you feel like you work in a vacuum. How good is what I do? How can I make it better, more economical, or more effective? One way to get perspective and sound advice is to ask an expert. We offer reviews and critiques of: E-learning courses and modules E-learning planning and design documents Business … Continue reading E-learning reviews and critiques

E-learning prototypes and templates

We shine at design! We can build an e-learning prototype. Then, we can work with your development team to extend the prototype and create templates. And, if you desire, we can assemble and manage a team of specialists who can quickly turn that prototype into a finished product. How do prototypes and templates work? Prototype … Continue reading E-learning prototypes and templates

How to engage our e-learning consulting services

Our e-learning consulting activities are geared to the needs of our clients. Note: We do not charge you for talking about a project, so give us a call at +1.303.545.6964 or contact us using the form to the right.

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