E-learning services

For the past 25 years, William Horton Consulting has led the way in innovative e-learning consulting and design services. We specialize in:


We specialize in e-learning consulting. We work directly with clients to develop new ideas, critique existing systems, overcome obstacles, and develop innovative designs and prototypes. We can: Design something for you; teach you to design better; advise you on design; or critique your designs. Our e-learning consulting services Choose one of these categories to learn more. How to engage our … Continue reading Consulting


In addition to his consulting activities, William Horton is a well-known keynote speaker specializing  in e-learning design and implementation. He addresses formal and informal gatherings, both in-person and online.  He has delivered keynote addresses, featured presentations, and after-dinner talks. His presentations have won international awards and are both informative and entertaining. Can speeches be customized? … Continue reading Speaking

Personalized training

We conduct one-to-one and one-to-a-small-group virtual workshops, personalized for your needs. Working with you, we design a customized program that addresses specific problems and knowledge gaps to help you and your team move forward. How does customized training work? We start by listening. You tell us what seems to be standing between you and your … Continue reading Personalized training

William Horton

William Horton is and e-learning specialist and the name on the label. He has been designing technology-based training since 1971 when, as an undergraduate, he designed a network-based course for the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Center for Advanced Engineering Study. Popular speaker William is an internationally sought-after speaker and instructor. He has delivered presentations to … Continue reading William Horton

Katherine Horton

Katherine Horton (Kit for short) is the other half of William Horton Consulting. She runs the day-to-day business while ensuring William Horton Consulting remains current with the latest electronic communications technologies. Her other specialties include: Visual design. Kit designs icons, screen layouts, publication designs, business illustrations, and technical graphics. She illustrated and did the visual … Continue reading Katherine Horton

Engaging our services

We want to deliver our services in the most effective, economical, and flexible way possible. We can usually adapt our basic services to your convenience. We have no bureaucracy and are willing to help you fit our work into your schedule, budget, and operational procedures.

How do we get started?

To get started, tell us about your project, your problem, or your vision. Call us at +1.303.545.6964 or e-mail us. We can discuss what needs to be done, whether we are the best people to do it, and how much it will cost.

Do you charge to discuss a project?

Some unethical and unscrupulous consultants will charge you to even talk about your project, we like talking about potential work. We do not charge to talk to you about work we might do for you. If the project seems like one we would be interested in doing, we will even look at samples, all at no cost to you. The meter does not start until we both agree on what we will do for you.

Who will do the work?

Unless otherwise arranged, all work will be done by William or Katherine Horton personally. We will not have significant parts of your work done by an associate without telling you. No bait and switch here.

How much will it cost?

Our rates depend on what services we provide and where we provide them. As you can see, we can visit your site and work with you in person. Or, we can use virtual technologies and perform the work at our site. Here are some typical rates:

Activity Where delivered Base rate Other expenses
On-site workshops Inside North America $8000 USD for the first day, $4000 USD for each additional day for up to 25* learners.*$100.00 USD for each additional learner. Travel, lodging,and shipping
Outside North America $10,000 USD for the first day, $4000 USD for each additional day for up to 25* learners*$100.00 USD for each additional learner. In addition to the above expenses, travel for one co-instructor.
On-site Consulting activities Inside North America $10,000 USD for the first day, $3000 USD for each additional day Travel, lodging, and shipping
Outside North America $10,000 USD for the first day, $3000 USD for each additional day Travel, lodging and shipping
On-site Speeches Inside North America $6000 USD Travel, lodging, and shipping
Outside North America $8000 USD Travel, lodging, and shipping
Virtual Workshops Conducted via an online meeting tool $4000 USD/day Meeting tool and conferencing charges
Virtual Consulting activities Conducted via an online meeting tool, e-mail, and telephone 3000 USD/day Meeting tool and conferencing charges.We do not charge for routine phone calls, mailing, etc.
Virtual Speeches Conducted via an online meeting tool 2000 USD/90 minutes Meeting tool and conferencing charges

What are your billing terms?

After we do the work, we will invoice you. Invoices are due in 30 days. After 60 days, we get real cranky.

Can you adapt your billing to fit our needs?

We try to structure the engagement so that you pay for only what you need. Hey, we’re small. We do not have any bureaucracy. Here are some ways we can make the paperwork easier for you:

  • Fixed price quote. If you need a not-to-exceed price, just write or call.
  • Early or late billing. Got money later but not now? We can do the work now and delay billing for a quarter. Or if you’ve got money this quarter, but cannot schedule the work now, we’ll be happy to bill you now and do the work latter.
  • Billing by the hour or minute. If you need advice a few hours at a time, we can accumulate small amounts of work until they amount to a full day and then bill you for a day.

Do you submit competitive bids?

Rarely. We do not sell a commodity. If you contract with us, you are buying our advice and skill. We are not the cheapest because our advice is not the least valuable.

Do we need written contracts?

We require written authorization to begin work. An e-mail message is usually sufficient for a small project. If you have standard contracts for consultants or need special provisions, we will try to accommodate you. Your lawyers are probably more nervous than ours.

What is your cancellation policy?

William Horton Consulting will make a good-faith effort to ensure that our work for you meets our agreed schedule and is carried out to our mutual satisfaction—barring illness, death in the family, weather, or other factors beyond our control. In the event of such a cancellation, we will reschedule at the earliest possible, mutually acceptable date.

We understand that business conditions change and that at some time a client will need to cancel an engagement. We ask that our clients notify us in writing of the need to cancel at least 30 days prior to the engagement. For cancellations made within 30 days of an engagement, William Horton Consulting will invoice the client 25% of the contracted fee.

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