Katherine Horton

Katherine HortonKatherine Horton (Kit for short) is the other half of William Horton Photography. She runs the day to day business and  back-room technology. Kit is also in charge of product production.

  • Preparing photographs for printing and display. Kit edits our photographs to optimize them for print media, such as photo books, as well as online display.
  • Creating online galleries and brochures.  Using our photos, Kit develops galleries and other online collateral that showcases our client’s designs and quality craftsmanship.
  • Creating photo books. Kit designs all our photo books, which our clients use as showcases, gifts, and business publications.
  • Printing and framing. Kit prints all our limited-edition photographs, posters, calendars, and notecards on our large-format archival printer.
  • Building Websites and blogs. In addition to being the Webmaster for the photos.horton.com, architecture.horton.com, cars.horton.com, and horton.com, Kit designs Websites for several design-conscious architectural and construction firms.

In a former life, Katherine was an award-winning jeweler, working in gold, niobium, tantalum, and gemstones. With William, she has designed furniture and cabinetry, which was featured in the April 1999 and September 2000 issues of Better Homes and Gardens.

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Residential, Commercial, and Historic Structures