William Horton

Hi, I’m William Horton. (Spelled “William” but pronounced “Bill.)  I love putting technology to work for practical purposes, specifically using digital-imaging technology to reveal the beauty and strength of structures.

I have been a photographer and writer since I was a freshman at MIT. I have worked with both film and digital photography in both large and small formats.  Today, I use both a digital SLR and computer to produce the most professional results possible.

My work is international in scope.  I have photographed and consulted in twenty-four countries. And, my photography has won international awards and appeared in a recent film. Several of my interior design projects, co-designed with my wife, Katherine,  have been twice featured in Better Homes and Gardens.

Because I have had my own business for 24 years, I understand cash flow, respect budgets, and meet deadlines. In short, I don’t just take pictures—I create visual experiences. And I can do it for you, on time and within budget.

Contact me and we can discuss your goals and how I may be able to assist you in achieving them.


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Residential, Commercial, and Historic Structures