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Here is a listing of the products we currently have available for sale through our e-commerce partner, MyCommerce (division of Digital River). To learn more about any of these products, click the product name.

Product             name Description
File format            and size
Horton Timer-Picker The Timer-Picker combines a countdown clock and a picking mechanism that can randomly select from a list of people or teams. This application is designed for computers running Windows 98, Windows 2000, or Windows XP.
Installation files, 3.6 MB zipped
$45.00             $125.00             (Five computer license)buttonBuyIt1
Planning and Design Forms for Knowledge Products (MS Word) This downloadable MS Word template is versatile. (1) It contains forms you can cut and paste into your own design specification. (2) The file can also serve as a template which you can use to create a specification document and edit the contents. (3) Finally, this file contains the styles and AutoText needed to simplify inserting the design forms into another document.
Microsoft Word 2003, 6 MB zipped
Presensational Get-It-All Pack This  pack contains both of the Presensational Content Pack, but also the Presensational Learning Pack—over 350 Template Slides. You can preview the pack by examining the previews for the individual Template Slides.
Microsoft               PowerPoint 2007/2010, 5 MB zipped
Presensational Content Pack The Presensational Content Pack contains over 340 animated PowerPoint slides to help you explain complex ideas, communicate relationships, and activate your audience. This slide pack contains classroom and online activities, text and graphics layouts, diagrams, charts, timelines, and “ingredient” slides containing icons, buttons, and other graphical elements. It also contains numerous examples and extensive instructions.
Microsoft           PowerPoint 2007/2010, 2.8 MB zipped
Presensational Learning Pack The Presensational Learning Pack is a set of three PowerPoint template files that provide the structure you need to quickly and easily begin creating courses that both educate and engage learners. There is a course template (27 slides), a lesson template (14 slides), and a topic template (5 slides). Each slide contains detailed instructions. Plus, you receive additional instructions on how to customize the template files, build a course, include quizzes, and publish for web delivery.
Microsoft           PowerPoint 2007/2010, 2 MB zipped

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