Presensational Learning Pack

Diagram of the PowerPoint Learning Template Pack slidesNew for PowerPoint 2010 and later!

Are you building training courses using PowerPoint? Then our newly redesigned Presensational Learning Pack will provide the structure you need to quickly and easily begin creating courses that both educate and engage learners.

What this pack contains

The template pack includes a:

  • Course template, containing 27 slides for all the course-level information you might want to include. Within the course template are placeholder where you can insert lesson slides. (preview course template)
  • Lesson template, containing all the slides (14) needed to introduce a lesson and summarize its content. The Lesson template slides also contains placeholders where you can insert individual topic slides. (preview lesson template)
  • Topic template, containing 5 slides to introduce and summarize an individual topic. It also contains placeholders where you can add your own instructional content, or use one of the slides from the Presensational Content Pack. (preview topic templates)

Each PowerPoint slide contains detailed instructions in the Notes section about what the slide is and tips on how to use it. Because these slides are so well documented, you can provide them to your subject-matter experts and they can easily begin producing well-organized courses that are consistent and ready for presentation in the classroom or for delivery on the Web.

Along with the Presensational Learning Pack, you get additional instructions (PDF) on how to customize the templates, build a course, include quizzes, and save for Web delivery.

Only US$55.00. A 5-computer license is US$220.00. So you are getting one license for free!


Note: Be sure to view the previews (you will need the Flash 5 player or later) because all sales are final.  These previews were created by converting the template slide file to Flash, using iSpring Presenter. Remember, there are no refunds.

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