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Presentational Content template slides in PowerPoint
Example slides from the Content Pack

New for PowerPoint 2010 and later!

Want help explaining complex ideas, showing relationships, or motivating your audience? Then our newly redesigned Presensational Content Pack, built using Microsoft PowerPoint, is just what you need. This pack contains over 340 PowerPoint slides and examples to help you create:

  • Activities, such as multiple-choice questions, matching-list questions, click-in-picture questions, short- and long-answer questions. Some of these activities use PowerPoint’s Trigger effects for added interactivity!
  • Text and graphic slides, such as headings, animated bullet lists, animated text slides, how-to procedures, and annotated graphics.
  • Diagrams, charts, and timelines, such as block diagrams, symbol-link diagrams, funnel diagrams, exploding-parts diagrams, and network diagrams, phase timelines, Gantt charts and concurrency timelines, spider charts, taxonomy charts, scales, scatter charts, radial charts, decision trees, flowcharts, state-transition diagrams, fence diagrams, circuit diagrams, and chemistry formulas. A number of these template slides include versions that use PowerPoint’s SmartArt diagrams.
  • Commentary and dialog, such as multi-person conversations and computer messages.

In addition, you get “ingredient” slides that contain icons, buttons, and other graphical elements you can add to other slides. You even get timers to add to your activities to add an element of excitement.

These templates don’t just leave you on your own. Included are numerous examples of the template slides used with real content.


notespagecontentPlus each slide contains detailed instructions in the Notes section about what the slide is and tips on how to use it. Because these slides are so well documented, you can provide them to your subject-matter experts and they can easily begin producing well-organized courses that are consistent and ready for presentation in the classroom or for delivery on the Web.

These template slides are built with the same design template and theme as the other Presensational Template-Slide Packs. That means you can easily mix and match slides.

Only US$199.00. A 5-computer license is US$795.00. You are getting 1 license for free.


Note: Be sure to view the preview content pack and the Quick-Start Content Guide, because all sales are final. There are no refunds. These previews were created by converting the template slide file to Flash, using iSpring Presenter. Remember, there are no refunds.

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