Presensational PowerPoint template slides

Example template slides

New for PowerPoint 2010 and later!

You don’t need an expensive multimedia authoring tool to create training and presentations that move, sing, and involve the audience. All you need is PowerPoint® and the Presensational Template Slide
. These newly redesigned and animated template slides will help you structure your presentation, visually communicate complex information, and actively engage your audience.

There are three template packs to choose from. (Click the heading to learn more):

The Presensational Template Slide Packs are designed for PowerPoint 2007 and later, running on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, and later.

A special note for Mac users: We have used the Presensational Learning Pack on our Macbook Pro running Mavericks and PowerPoint from Office 360 without any difficulties. There are slides, however, in the Presensational Content Pack that utilize PowerPoint Trigger effects and Smart-Art. Trigger effects and Smart-Art are not supported in the Mac version of PowerPoint 2008,  2011, or 2013. Also, these templates can be opened in Keynote.

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