E-learning design forms in MS Word

These forms work in Microsoft Word 2011!

At William Horton Consulting, we have created a suite of design forms to guide the e-learning development process and record and share design decisions. We have packaged these forms into an easy-to-use Microsoft® Office Word template file containing our most popular e-learning design forms. Included are forms for specifying:

  • Projects
  • Learners
  • Learning Objectives
  • Organization
  • Learning Objects
  • Learning Activities
  • Test Questions – Multiple choice
  • Test Questions – Matching
  • Test Questions – Fill-in blanks
  • Colors
  • Typography
  • Layout
  • Interactivity (State transition)
  • Timelines
  • Simulation Scenes
  • Systems


The Horton E-Learning Design forms template is versatile. (1) It contains forms you can cut and paste into your own design specification. (2) The file can also serve as a template which you can use to create a specification document and edit the contents. (3) Finally, this file contains the styles and AutoText needed to simplify inserting the design forms into another document.

In addition to the overall instructions about how to use these forms, each individual form has:

  • An overview that introduces the form, lists the AutoText entries, tells you where to use it, provides instructions on how to use it, and lists related forms.
  • A blank form to print out on paper and complete off-line.
  • A form with placeholders that suggest the type of information to put into each slot.
  • An example of the form filled in with realistic information.

All you have to do is download the zipped Microsoft ® Word template and begin using it. There is no installation. It is ready to go.

Take a look at the Acrobat PDF Preview to see what forms are included. The preview includes the table of contents, the instructions, and the first three forms.

Free preview

Number: 17 forms
File format: Microsoft Word 2003 templates (packaged as a ZIP file for download)
Size: 6 MB
Price: $99.00 (5-seat license $299.00)

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The Horton E-Learning Design forms are designed for Microsoft Office Word and PowerPoint 2003, running on Windows XP or higher.

All sales are final. Refunds are not available. Please download or view the previews before purchasing. The preview copy of the forms contains the table of contents and examples of each of the forms with content drawn on them.

Extracting ZIP files. Save the ZIP file to your computer, then use a utility such as WinZip, ZipIt, or Stuffit Expander to extract the files.

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