Countdown timer for the classroom

The Horton Timer-Picker main application and Picked person window
The Horton Timer-Picker main application and Picked person window

The Horton Timer-Picker is a countdown timer for the classroom.


The Timer-Picker is a Windows application that combines a countdown clock and a picking mechanism, which can randomly select from a list of people or teams. You can use it to:

  • Display remaining time for meeting and classroom activities.
  • Allocate time for discussion and other activities.
  • Time activities and  breaks.
  • Pick people at random to participate or answer questions.
  • Pick teams at random.
  • Save rosters and reload them again—a great feature is you conduct multiple meetings or classes.

The end result of using the Horton Timer-Picker is better use of meeting and classroom time, fuller participation, and fairness to all participants.

The Horton Timer-Picker is designed for Windows 98, Windows  2000, Windows XP, and Windows 7 with Internet Explorer 5 or above and/or Office 2000 or above installed.

To learn more about its functionality and even more uses, take a look at the Help file.

Operating system:  Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows XP, or Windows 7
File format:  Application directory (packaged as a ZIP file for download)
Size: 533 KB download
Price: $45.00 for a single-computer license or $125.00 for a five-computer license

Extracting ZIP files. Save the ZIP file to your computer, then use a utility such as WinZip, ZipIt, or Stuffit Expander to extract the  files.

Before you buy, please read the Help file to learn about this program’s functionality and make sure you agree with the End User License Agreement.

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