Personalized training

We conduct one-to-one and one-to-a-small-group virtual workshops, personalized for your needs. Working with you, we design a customized program that addresses specific problems and knowledge gaps to help you and your team move forward.

How does customized training work?

We start by listening. You tell us what seems to be standing between you and your e-learning goals. Is it a lack of vision or motivation? Is it the need to know “How do I get started?” Is it a lack of basic instructional-design knowledge? Do you feel overwhelmed by the seeming complexity of your project? Are you having troubles with specific design issues, such as how to communicate more effectively with graphics, video, or animation? A combination of issues?

We review your existing e-learning efforts. You send us links to your online materials, PDFs of your design documents,  any evaluations  you have completed, and raw materials for planned courses.

We suggest areas for improvement. We evaluate the materials you send us. And, along with the concerns you expressed in our interview, we craft an online learning program for your consideration, input, and approval.

We conduct the online program. This program may be several days in length, conducted over consecutive days or spread over several weeks. The program may consist entirely of online meetings, or it may be a combination of asynchronous individual activities that we supervise interspersed with synchronous online meetings, where we discuss our results. If appropriate, we use your materials as project material for this program.

We will be happy to quote you a fee for a customized online program.

What must you provide?

If you have an online meeting tool you prefer, we can use that. Otherwise, we will conduct our online meetings using our meeting tool and learning management system.

For synchronous meetings, where attendees are dispersed, each attendee needs:

  • A reliable broadband connection.
  • An up-to-date computer that can handle both the meeting tool and project documents.
  • A headphone/microphone combo to enable communication with the instructor and other attendees.

For synchronous meetings, where attendees are in one location, you need to provide:

  • Large meeting room.  Tables and chairs need to be arranged so that learners can easily form groups to work together as teams.
  • A room moderator. This person acts as a go-between with the instructor and ensures that the meeting tool is working correctly at the training location.
  • A computer projector and screen. For large groups, the screen needs to be large enough to display the meeting tool, where both slides and documents will be shared.
  • A sound system that allows attendees to hear the instructor. For large groups, the moderator should have the only microphone to communicate with the instructor. For small groups, each attendee should have access to a microphone in order to interact with the instructor.

How are workshops booked?

To learn more about our customized training, call us at +1.303.545.6964 or e-mail us using the form to the right.

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