Introduction to digital signal processing

Filtering and transformation of digital and analog waveforms

Welcome to the first module of Digital Signal Processing.

This course

This course will cover both the nature and manipulation of digital signals but also the processing of analogue signals by digital electronics. It will briefly review the differences between analogue and digital signals. After that, the course will build a complete understanding of digital signals. It will discuss converting between digital and analogue signals. In advanced segments, this course will cover techniques for filtering, amplifying, and otherwise manipulating signals in the digital domain.

This module

This module will introduce the concept of digital signals and how they differ from analogue signals. To set the stage for the following sections, it will give examples of common digital signal processing techniques. No mathematics is required for this section.

This module will give you a chance to review the basic concepts that are prerequisite for this course. If you find you already understand all this information, you can skip ahead to the next segment. If you have trouble with the concepts in this segment, perhaps you should investigate other courses to acquire the background information necessary for this course.

Again: Welcome and Good Luck!