How to create a System DSN


Many  Web-based applications provide information just when the user wants it. That is, when a user types in a search or some other type of query, information is retrieved from a database and sent back to the user's browser as a Web page.

How does the Web application know where to look to get the required information? It knows where to look for the database because a System DSN as been defined on the server hosting the Web-based application.

If you already familiar with Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) and the ODBC Data Source Administrator, go directly to Steps in Defining a System DSN.

To learn more about ODBC the Data Source Administrator, go to What is ODBC and the Data Source Administrator?

To  watch a video about defining a System DSN, go to Defining a System DSN (Video).

To practice defining a System DSN, try the Data Source Administrator Simulation.

If you need to know how to reference the DSN within your ASP code, go to Using Your DSN.